Shared shuttle - Antigua to/from Tapachula, Mexico

Shared shuttle - Antigua to/from Tapachula, Mexico

Duration: 6 hours / Difficulty: Easy

Tapachula Mexico is the quickest land crossing point into Mexico from Guatemala as it is only 6 hours from Antigua. Known for its tax free shopping with Sam's Club, Walmart and Marina Chiapas, this is a great stop if you only need a few days out of Guatemala.

You must bring your passport for crossing the border between Guatemala and Mexico.

May have to pay a departure tax when leaving Mexico (depends on length of stay, but please be aware that oftentimes the border agent may ask for a "tax" that they are not authorized to collect - inform yourself before you do the crossing as to what fees you may be liable to pay).

Traveler's Tip ~ A quick border crossing for visa renewals but make sure you are there for 72 hours to get a new 90 day visa when returning to Guatemala. 

Your ticket is confirmed once you have received a confirmation email with a Due South Travels voucher attached. If you do not receive the email confirmation please contact us at or WhatsApp: +(502) 5969 3795.  

No cancellation on transport available once purchased. 

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