Shared shuttle - Antigua to/from Lanquin (Semuc Champey)

Shared shuttle - Antigua to/from Lanquin (Semuc Champey)

Duration: 10 hours / Difficulty: Easy

One Way: Antigua to Lanquin (for Semuc Champey) 8:00 AM
One Way: Lanquín to Antigua 8:00 AM

Semuc Champey is the name of a beautiful, highly visited ecological park, located near the small town of Lanquin. Famous for it's crystalline blue cascading waters, Semuc Champey is a site to enjoy and relax in on your journey through Guatemala. Swim through the limestone caves, the blue pools, and visit a cavernous bat cave in the evening. For a pre-arranged tour of Semuc Champey or the bat caves please contact us at or WhatsApp: (502) 5969 3795.

Travelers Tip: Stay more than 2 nights, it's worth it! There is more to do than just the national park and it's a great place to chill out.  

The transportation shuttles drop you off at the bus drop off in Lanquin, and all hotels and hostels will come to collect you for free at this point if you advise them in advance of your travels. The distance from Lanquin to the park (Semuc Champey) is approximately 45 minutes by 4x4 pickup truck. Most hostels are located in the town of Lanquin, or beside the park. For those beside the park, please contact them directly for ongoing transport services to their door. 

Please book at least 24 hours in advance of travel or contact us at or WhatsApp: +(502) 5969 3795.

Please make sure you are at your departure point at least 10 minutes before travel.

Your ticket is confirmed once you have received a confirmation email with a Due South Travels voucher attached. If you do not receive this email with voucher or have further questions please contact us at or WhatsApp: + (502) 5969 3795.

There is no cancellation on travel vouchers once purchased. 

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